Mediation is the process that gives couples/parents an opportunity to reach an agreement on important issues in family law cases.
Any type of family law issues can me mediated. For example, disagreements over a child  and/or spousal support, distribution of assets, and custody of a child.
Our team,  knows first-hand the importance of mediating a case and empowering the parties to reach an amicable resolution expeditiously.  Mediation provides an opportunity to explore issues with the help of a mediator from different perspectives, stretch past the barriers that are precluding families from reaching agreements; including the difficult emotional aspects of each situation. Our Firm takes great pride and passion in working closely with families always striving to achieve a resolution quickly, thoroughly and amicably.
By neutrally breaking past communication barriers, families can express their individual personal needs and formulate plans that will ultimately lead to a settlement agreement that all parties can live by.