Family Law Mediator


Betsy Rincón, an Family Law Mediator since 2010 and Parenting Coordinator, believes compassion and communication are often missing from legal disputes.  This can lead parties down a contentious path.  Betsy’s own, personal life led her down a disheartening, one-million-dollar acrimonious divorce.  After obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Florida International University, a Master of Business Administration from Barry University, Betsy obtained her Juris Doctor from St. Thomas University School of Law with a Certificate in Elder Law.
In addition to practicing as a family mediator, Betsy is a native Floridian, and a dedicated mother of three children.  Betsy has transferred her kindness, understanding and patience to her mediation practice because she believes that a family balance is crucial while maintaining peace, tranquility, and harmony in ones every day way of life.