Eduardo Ayala


Lawyer Eduardo Ayala is a native of Lima, Peru. It is a senior partner of PF Law Office.

In 2008 he attended to Law School of the Florida International University (FIU), where he stood out as a student. In the FIU he graduated among the first of his class, being included in the list of the dean in four out of six semesters. Very involved with Latin American culture, he won the CALI Award of Excellence in Law and Politics in Latin America for his research on the Mexican Constitution.

Eduardo Ayala as an immigration specialist lawyer

Over the following years, Eduardo Ayala developed his skills as a lawyer, working as a certified agent in Legal Services of Greater Miami. There he represented low-income people in disputes against their landlords, demonstrating great talent as a professional and human quality.

Later in his career, Eduardo Ayala also worked for the FIU Immigration and Human Rights Clinic where he dealt with several cases in the Immigration Court and obtained successful results for his clients.

Work as an immigration lawyer in Miami

Since May 2011, and after graduating from law school, he worked for larger law firms and corporate clients in Miami. There he also practiced until becoming a commercial litigation specialist in Florida.

Subsequently, in January 2013, Eduardo Ayala started his own firm as a lawyer, with the aim of providing effective legal representation to immigrants and medium and large companies in South America.

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