Asylum Granted In Immigration Court For Vietnamese Family

Asylum Granted In Immigration Court For Vietnamese Family

We are happy to share that an   Asylum case was granted for a Vietnamese Family in the Miami Immigration Court for an environmental activist from Vietnam, who suffered death threats, incarceration and torture at the hands of the law enforcement of the Vietnamese government.

In Vietnam, there is no freedom of expression for citizens who wish to protest against the government’s actions. Any protests in public are only allowed with a permit issued by the government. In this case, the government of Vietnam allowed foreign investors to trample on the environment, creating a massive polluting crisis. The livelihood of fishermen, their health as well that of those in the polluted provinces were affected in monstrous amounts, igniting citizens to protest.

Our client, an abiding citizen, from a family of fishermen, was one who made his voice known opposing the government’s willfulness in allowing such pollution. He suffered persecution because of his vocal opposition, imputed political opinion, including incarceration, torture and death threats.

He had no choice but to flee Vietnam with his family. Through our Immigration attorneys in Miami, he applied for asylum before the Miami Immigration Court. The Immigration judge and the government agreed that his case, with the amount of evidence and his credible testimony, merited a favorable grant of asylum, for our client and his family. We welcome our client and his family as future legal permanent residents of the United States!

How to Win an Asylum Case:

Given the complexity of the laws on asylum cases, and different grounds under which a person may be eligible under, we highly suggest that you fully understand the eligibility requirements, gather enough documentation, prepare through personal statements, and know what to expect during the Asylum hearing (either USCIS or Immigration Court).

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