Administrative Closures new rules

Administrative Closures new rules


administrative closures

During decades, over 350,000 deportation cases with different Immigration courts around the United States were temporarily closed. These closures are called, Administrative closures.  

Administrative closure is not a form a relief from deportation and does not provide the immigrant in deportation proceedings with any legal status.  

The process is merely a procedure that TEMPORARILY removes a case from an immigration judge’s docket.  Most of the time is due to the possibility that the person in deportation proceedings has some relief from deportation outside the jurisdiction of the court and/or may not be resolved for a significant or undetermined period of time.  This procedure not only assisted thousands of immigrants to reasonably obtain the deportation relief and protection available to them, but also assisted Judges to move through cases more quickly.

However, last Thursday, May 17, 2018, Attorney General Jeff Sessions decided that the whole process of closing cases administratively is illegal. Immigration judges “do not have the general authority to suspend indefinitely immigration proceedings by administrative closure,” Sessions wrote in the decision, which was an effort to eliminate judges’ ability to close immigration cases.

At Ferretjans Law, our Immigration lawyers in Miami and Broward, strive to assist immigrants in deportation proceedings.   After this decision, a person whose immigration case was administratively closed is now likely to receive a notification from the court informing them that the case has been re-schedule and their appearance in front of the Immigration Judge is required.

It is imperative for those that receive those notifications or know that their cases were under administrative closures to contact a knowledgeable Deportation / Immigration lawyer in Miami or Broward to fully assess any and all relief from deportation, including but not limited to:

  • Re-assessment of Country conditions
  • Change in circumstances – fear or threat to be persecuted or tortured in their country of origin.
  • Family petitions  ( family petition, cuban adjustment act, marriage to a United Citizen, child born in the US is now  21 yrs old or more, pending family petition is now up to date for filing, etc.)
  • Change in criminal convictions ( pleas vacated)
  • Victims of domestic violence (self-petition)
  • Victims of Serious crimes
  • Waiver and hardship is now available.

Please, it is very important to know that the fact that before there were no relief from deportation available does not stop a person placed back in Immigration court to meeting with a knowledgrable Immigration / deportation defense attorney to assess their current situation.


Many times at Ferretjans Law Office, we meet clients that have been undocumented for years not knowing that they were eligible to become legal under the protection of the immigration laws.


No matter the circumstances, it is important to act quickly, especially if the person has an outstanding order of deportation or was convicted of serious crimes.  Know all your options and rights before accepting a Deportation order.


Ferretjans Law Office, Immigration lawyers, provides case-by-case evaluations at the detention centers in Krome, Glades, Broward transitional center (BTC),  or Orlando Detention Centers.

Call us to schedule a Free of Charge Deportation Defense or Immigration Bond evaluation at 305-925-0811.



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