Visas E-2 – Proposed Bill to expand benefits for E-2 Visa Holders

Visas E-2 – Proposed Bill to expand benefits for E-2 Visa Holders

Last week Congressman John Rutherford, introduced a Bill that focuses on expanding benefits for E-2 visa holders. The E-2 Visa does not provide a direct path to citizenship nor does it provide status for minor children once they turn 21 years of age. Which means that when they turn 21, unless they have made a change of status, these young people have to return to their countries of origin.

If approved, the Proposed Bill will provide 2 important benefits:

  1. Create a path for legal permanent residency after 10 years of being in the United States; and
  2. It will allow minor children to extend their status as E-2 visa holders until they are 26 years of age; and will be able to apply for a work permit.

Obviously, this proposal will have to be approved to become Law. Any questions about the eligibility of business visas for Investors do not hesitate to call us. Because Investors visas are complex it is important you discuss your options and eligibility with a knowledgeable immigration attorney. At Ferretjans Law, Immigration Lawyer in Miami, we strive to accomplish our client’s goals to migrate to the United States.



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